Finikas Beach, Fanos and Italida

Starting from the centre of the island on foot or by bike, follow the coastal road to the east. As you move forward, the figure of the lying woman that Keros is forming, becomes more and more apparent. After the Hondros Kavos beach, you meet almost bordering bays with fine golden sand and clear blue waters. These are the beaches of Harokopou (or Finikas), Fanos and Italida (or Platia Pounta). All of them in enchanting colors, waiting for you to take your place.

Seawater delights

Blue waters overlooking Keros and Amorgos in the background. Pori, the most renowned beach in Koufonisi on the northeast of the island. Right behind, you will find the caves of Xylobatis. Dive bravely and swim through the caves with the pale ochre color. While crossing the caves, the colors will surely make you feel the ultimate relaxation. Not far from Pori, you will find the small “Gala” Beach, well hidden beneath a rock.

Evening drink

A good day ends with a good drink. Either a relaxing one while overlooking the sea and the moonlit Kero, or with “rakomelo” in the centre of the island, while watching people passing by and getting to know those sitting next to you. Wherever you find yourself, it is certain that the faces around you will look familiar since you will have probably met them before, at the beach or elsewhere on the island.


Whether you wish to visit one of the Pano Koufonisi beaches, or Nero beach, or dine at the only tavern of Kato Koufonisi, you absolutely have to experience the “lantza”. Traditional boats loaded with passengers, serve routes sailing between the two islands. Songs of the island are playing loud, people are dancing and the captain gives you the impression that he knows the waters like a seagull knows the sea.

Cycladic cuisine

After a relaxing day at Koufonisi, what you need is a good meal. Walking through the alleys during the evening stroll, you find yourself wondering which tavern to dine at. The 13 taverns of the island, each with its very own style of the island, await you to taste a Greek salad with  “xinomyzithra” cheese, fresh fish and, of course, the famous Lobster Pasta that will certainly leave a mark on you and your clothes.

A walk around Chora

The town’s centre gets flooded by people who are taking their evening walk. This is the beating heart of the island! Some of them going out for a drink, some for “rakomelo”, others for ice cream and others for “lukumades”… All of them scattered in the picturesque stone alleys with the blooming mauve bougainvilleas and the snow-white houses with the blue shutters. Relaxed, away from all the huzzle and buzzle of the city life, enjoying the unique beauty of this island.